New! FC8-1200 Oktocopter and FC6-900 Hexacopter Carbon Monocoque

The Flightcopter of the FC series are miniatuarized VTOL - aircraft (Vertical Take Off and Landing). You can fly remotely or automatically using the GPS Waypoint navigation.
The flight times and payloads of our Flightcopters are -depending on the model- up to 6000g payload and 60 minutes of flight time.
The new Copter models FC8-1200 and FC6-900 expand the product range of FLIGHTCOPTER up to two high-tech models with convincing features.Both Copter consists of a carbon monocoque body and are freely configurable and scalable.Electronics and motors are dust and splash proof.

New! Flightcopter FC8-1200

Oktokopter carbon monocoque 18 "propeller, or larger on request


Payload : 6000g (camera and gimbal)

Flight time

at 8000g take-off weight up to 20 minutes!

Easy to customize

Easy to customize and freely configurable. Okto flat, X8 or X16!


ready to fly without battery 2600g 


1200mm diameter (other sizes available upon request)


2 x 6s 10,000 mah battery in monocoque placeable.

Price on request. Contact us for details

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New!- Flightcopter FC6-900

Hexacopter Carbon Monocoque max. 16" Propeller


Payload : 2000g (camera and gimbal)

Flight time

at 5000g take-off weight up to 30 minutes!

Easy to customize

Easy to customize and freely configurable. Hexa or flat X6


ready to fly without battery 1800g


900mm diameter (other sizes available upon request)


1 x 6s 10,000 mah battery in monocoque placeable.

Flightcopter VTOL/Multicopter - Made in Germany

Flightcopter are miniaturized VTOL - aircraft (Vertical Take Off and Landing). They are also called Multicopters or drones. Flightcopter can fly by a remote control, or automatically using the GPS Waypoint navigation.
The Copters are made -according to the type- of a plastic body or a carbon frame. Flight times and maximum load / payload depend on model and range from 250g to 6000g and up to 60 minutes of flight time. Six powerful brushless electric motors -specially developed for the FLIGHTCOPTER- provide an emission-free use, moderate noise and high efficiency! The flight time also depends on payload and ambient conditions (wind, grid height, airspeed). Different weather conditions are no problem for our Flightcopter. The housings are dust and splash proof.
Thanks to the unique AHHRS (Attitude, Height and Heading Reference System) even completely inexperienced pilots learn to fly within a very short time. Normally a beginner is capable of flying our platforms in less than an hour of controlled training. Via FPV - Flight (Flying via video glasses) flights without visual contact (BVLOS - beyond visual line of sight) can be realized.
Contact us for more information and detailed advice to find the right flight Copter model for your individual tasks.

Octocopter FC8-1200

New! Hexacopter FC8-1200
Carbon Monocoque 18" Propeller

Optional configurable. As Hexa flat, or X6. Pluggable boom with diameter 25 / 23mm dust / splash proof. Expandable upgrade for standard iP47 / 67 possible.

  • Payload: 6000g
  • Flight time: up 30min
  • Weight: 2600g
  • Battery :2x 6s 10.000mah

Hexacopter FC6-900

Hexacopter FC 6-900
Carbon Monocoque max. 16" Propeller

Optional configurable. As Hexa flat, or X6. Pluggable boom with diameter 25 / 23mm dust / splash proof. Expandable upgrade for standard iP47 / 67 possible.

  • Payload: 2000g
  • Flight time: 30min
  • Weight: 1800g
  • Battery :6s 10.000mah
Hexacopter FC6-1600

Hexacopter FC 6-1600
Perfect UAV entry solution

With the innovative, upwardly inclined boom design, you get a very high flight stability and a higher tolerance for wind up to wind speeds of 14 m / s

  • Payload: 6000g
  • Flight time: up 80min
  • Weight: 8200g
  • Battery :6s2p 30.000mah
Hexcopter FC6-1000

Hexacopter FC 6-1000
Created for daily use

With a specially developed configuration for long flight times and under ideal conditions, our system can achieve flight times up to 60 minutes.

  • Payload: 4000g
  • Flight time: up 50min
  • Weight: 6200g
  • Battery :6s2p 20.000mah
Hexacopter FC6-800

Hexacopter FC 6-800
solid allround UAV the 5kg class

The closed frame is unique in the 800 class (80 cm distance motor to motor) on the market. The massive center of the frame, made of impact resistant plastic composite material, protects the electronic components from dust, dirt or moisture.

  • Payload: 2000g
  • Flight time: up 30min
  • Weight: 4700g
  • Battery :6s 12.000mah
Quadcopter FC4-800

Hexacopter FC 4-1000
Small, Strong and Powerfull

The FC4-500 is used where human observers don´t have a global overview of a situation. It is equipped with a durable and weather-resistant carbon frame and convinces with a flight duration of up to 40 minutes.

  • Payload: 2900g
  • Flight time: up 40min
  • Weight: 3000g
  • Battery :6s 10.000mah
Quadcopter FC4-500

Hexacopter FC 4-500
Perfect UAV entry solution

Thanks to the low weight of less than 1 kg, and a possible payload up to 250g of specific applications the FC4-500 is especially designed for administrational applications and its requirements. The four brushless motors work without a gear.

  • Payload: 250g
  • Flight time: up 15min
  • Weight: 1000g
  • Battery

Price on request. Contact us for details

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Luftaufnahmen Virtual-Fires - Kongress St. Georgen 23./24.4.2015
Fliegen in einem Brennkessel ( flying inside a incinerator)
TESTING zoom function of camera at a cell phone tower
Photogrammetry - Inspection flight
3 h Enduro beim MC-Dreetz

Multicopter Applications

Our Fligthcopter are ideally suited for a growing number of different tasks. The applications range from assistance in Search and Rescue operations, application documentation, crime scene / crash site investigations, inspections of buildings and power plants. With Flighcopter dangerous, hazardous or hard to reach areas can be flown and inspected without endangering your personal. They provide meaningful overview and location images from a bird's view. In agriculture the conditions of plants and soils can accurately be detected and costs can be reduced by the precise use of pesticides and fertilizers. Home users, estate agents and professional photographers can create fascinating aerial photos and vids . We provide you with all necessary advice and recommend a suitable model to your demanded tasks or problems.
Contact us

Luftbilder mit Multicoptern

Aerial photography and aerial videos

Create fascinating images from above!

Vermessung mit einem Multikopter

Surveying / GIS

Create maps and grid in no time!

Einsatzdokumentation mit Drohnen

Security / application documentation

Many authorities already use UAV flight platforms to coordinate operations or to secure evidence.

Brücken inspektionen mit Drohnen

Bridge inspections

Benefit from drone based bridge inspection by the use of efficient unmanned aerial systems (UAS).

Inspektion von Solarfeldern, Industriegebäuden mit Drohnen

Facilities Inspection

The inspection of solar panels, industrial buildings and chimneys ( indoor / Aussenbefliegung ) is done in a very short time.

Drohneneinsatz in der Landwirtschaft


Pest infestations, meaningful pictures on nature of soil and plants, our Flightcopter provide all details quickly in no time.

Windkraftwerk Inspektionen

Power plant Inspection

With a FLIGHTCOPTER inspect wind turbines , power lines , pipelines , etc. in a short time.

Einsatzunterstützung durch Multicopter

Search and Rescue ( SAR )

Request air support for SAR operations in the form of a FLIGHTCOPTER !


Flightcopter UAV / Multikopter, professional service, drone Academy

The company FLIGHTCOPTER worked for many years in the development and the use of drones. We are manufacturers and developers of UAV for professional and commercial use for authorities, industry and research. Our high-end flying robots offer innovative pioneering solutions for challenging problems and tasks, and a growing, almost unlimited, number of applications.
On another business area, FLIGHTCOPTER has long been working successfully as a professional service provider in services with drones / UAVs . We are a reliable professional service provider for aerial photography, surveying / GIS, inspections, Search and Rescue. Our reliable UAV drones fulfill legal requirements and safety standards. They are optimally matched to the required tasks.
In the Drone Academy FLIGHTCOPTER UAV drone pilots and also brand-independent users are taught the necessary skills and knowledge for a safe, successful and lawful use of UAVs. Participants profit especially of the high level knowledge from experienced UAV designer and manufacturer and will get all the information out of first-hand. The innovative connection and synergy of our wide-ranging know-how gives the formula for success. We offer tailor-made solutions and packages for your individual tasks and problems.
By uniting all business units under one roof, experiences and requirements of use and training immediately incorporated into development and production. In use as a professional service provider, we respond quickly to special requests or specific conditions and modify our UAV accordingly.
Benefit from our skills and experience and experience our quality "Made in Germany".

Flying Camera Systems

Flightcopter Flying Camera Systems develops and produces Multicopter / UAV for many special applications .

Professional Service

Flightcopter Professional Service is your professional service for aerial photography and UAV / drone service - use of all kinds .

Drohne Academy

The courses and training of Flightcopter drone Academie learn the necessary skills for safe and lawful use of Multicopter.

Price on request. Contact us for details

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